Machine:Toleman TG 184 / Tyre:Pirelli/Michelin / Car No.19

At last Ayrton Senna brought up his career to Formula-One in 1984. Young Brazilian driver entried 15 races except for Italian GP due to his transfer problem of the next season. In 1981 he got the championship of F.F.1600 UK, and then European people began to pay attetions to his remarkable driving as a genius driver. This talented driver became the Formula-Three champion and his dream of taking part in Formula-One had come true. He spoke up with his driving style in public, "There is nothing worse than 2nd place." Despite pole-position in qualifying session, Ayrton sometimes retired the race due to a crash. In terms of his team competitiveness, there was a big gap between Toleman and top ranked team to win the race. However, his ambitious driving of aiming at victory had been highly admired.

Senna was not able to finish his debut race in Brazil GP, however, a young likely rookie got sixth place as early as 2nd race in South Africa. In this race he left episode that Ayrton was pulled out from his cockpit after running across the finishing line because he fainted in distress.

The sixth GP in Monaco introduced his name to the outside world. Although competitors crashed for the heavy rain, Ayrton Senna came up to the second place with his outstanding ability, starting from 13th position on the grid. However, the race was stopped due to the dangerous condition in driving rain (Ref. Hard rain in Monaco). His driving technique stood out even in the difficult track like Monaco. The accomplishment of the Brazilian hopeful doriver helped himself to move to Lotus in 1985.

13/25BrazilToleman TG 183BHart 415T16RTurbo trouble
24/7South Africa136
45/6San Marino28Disqualified
55/20France13RTrubo trouble
66/3MonacoToleman TG 184132
97/8Dallas6RDrive-box broken
138/26Holland13REngine trouble
149/9ItalyNo entry due to his transfer issue

World Championship Classification:9th with 13 points
Points per race, average:0.81
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