Machine:Lotus 97T / Tyre:GOOD YEAR / Car No.12

Lotus had been the prestige team of long standing, however, they hadn't have more competitive machine than top teams such as Williams, McLaren and Ferrari. Anyway Senna got the new competitive machine than Toleman last season, then he showed his ability to compete with high ranked teams' driver day by day.
At the first GP in Brazil he unfortunately had an electrical trouble to stop the race, however, he finish the race as early as the 2nd GP in Portugal with Pole-to-win, recording the fastest lap. That was a perfect and amazing first victory. After the race, he made a joke to the team director Peter who was happy with his victory, "Why are you so suprised? I joined Lotus team to win the race. You seemed as if I can't receive the top chequered flag!"
After Portugal GP, it was tough doing the 2nd win due to his uncompetitive machine but easy to sit the pole number seven, he managed to win the Belgium GP and then his effort resulted in success ranking 4th place of the final classification. It was Alain Prost that titled in McLaren TAG Porche for 5 wins, and said about him that Ayrton would be no less a driver than his rival, considering his potential. The machine would would have more competitive and reliable a little, he was supposed to catch Prost up in that season.

14/7BrazilLotus 97TRenault EF44RElectrical trouble
35/5San Marino17Not finished
45/19MonacoRenault EF4/EF151REngine trouble
77/7France2REngine trouble
87/21UK410Electrical injection
98/4Germany5RHomocinetic gasket
1510/19South Africa4REngine trouble
1611/3Australia1REngine trouble

World Championship Classification:4th with 38 points
Number of races lead:9
Number of laps lead: 270 laps(26.16%)
Number of kilometers lead: 1,325
Points per race, average: 2.375
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