Machine:Lotus 98T / Tyre:GOOD YEAR / Car No.12

Alan Prost titled number two in a McLaren TAG Porche in that year for 4 wins that season as well. Senna's driving technique was recognized as number one during the person related to Formula-One, however, he still had a problems with his uncompetitive and unreliable machine and was never able to reach the top ranked team such as McLaren and Williams. Especially, he was not satisfied with Renault engine at all, Lotus ace strongly desired the HONDA engin which had a great power enough to pass himself again and again.
Beyond his circumstance, at the Spain GP, he managed to win the race, holding Nigel Mansell who drove the more competitive Williams, and then at the Detroit he pulled off the pole-to-win with his special skills. Not only the person related to F1 but also the fan over the world were attracted attention to his remarkable skills and speed which chased McLaren and Williams with his hard push though Lotus was completely less competitive and reliable.
But he persisted in the middle of podium and he wanted Lotus engineers to improve the engine more and more, saying that Renault engine was good enough to lap one, but not satisfactory to title the champion. His tenacity like that caused to go into partnership with HONDA in 1987.
Arround that season, everybody talked about him that anybody could not reach him at the race if he would had a good weapon.

13/23BrazilLotus 98TRenault EF15/EF15DP12
24/12SpainRenault EF15B11
34/27San Marino1RWheel bearing
55/25BelgiumRenault EF15/EF15B42
87/6FranceRenault EF15B/EF15C1RAccident
97/13UK3RGearbox trouble
129/20Austria8REngine trouble
139/7Italy5RGearbox trouble
1610/26Australia3REngine trouble

World Championship Classification:4th with 55 points
Number of races lead:8
Number of laps lead: 135 laps(12.93%)
Number of kilometers lead: 571
Points per race, average: 3.438
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