Machine: McLaren MP4/5 / Tyre: GOOD YEAR / Car No.1

It seemed that Senna's age had come to Formula-One because of his first champion last year by winning in a close game, however, the first driver Alain Prost took back the title this season with saving his face. Starting from the pole position 13 times, he won only the six races at the final. In contrast Alain recaptured the title who got only 4 wins.
The accident of Japan GP was a great shock to us. Senna's car collided with Prost from the side at the chicane to pass because Ayrton must win this race to title this season at the final round in Australia. Both cars stopped with twisting to the escaping zone of the chicane(Ref. Nightmare again). Prost got off his machine that instant, in contrast, Senna was back on the track and continued to run toward a gleam of hope and took the first chequered flag. After the race, the race steward judged him disqualified for the reason why he didn't properly pass the chicane corner at the 47th lap. As a result, this qualification had taken the world championship title away from Prost in three years.
Around this season everybody talked about the intense battle between two drivers that it was the war between Europe and non-Europe, and its battle aroused much controversy. It was 1989 season that Prost dedicated his driving skill more and more, on one hand Senna gave a lot of his time and effort to the speed.

13/26BrazilMcLaren MP4/5Honda V10-RA109111
24/23San Marino11
56/4America1RIgnition trouble
66/18Canada27Engine trouble
77/9France2RDifferntial trouble
87/16UK1RCourse off
129/10Italy1REngine trouble
1510/22Japan1DisqualifiedDon't pass chicane

World Championship Classification:2nd with 60 points
Number of races lead:13
Number of laps lead: 487 laps(46.87%)
Number of kilometers lead: 2,301
Points per race, average: 3.75
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