Machine: McLaren MP4/6 / Tyre: GOOD YEAR / Car No.1

Ferrari had improved their weapon more competitive and reliable, so it was a key factor of the beginning 1991 season that McLaren would be able to keep their ascendancy of MP4/6, but, reversing of it, the Prince of F1 won the opening America GP with his outstanding technique. And he won four straight races until Monaco GP. The first four wins certainly gave the impression of an invisible Senna. As a result his overwhelming victories discouraged Prost's fighting spirit as early as the beginning of season, then Alain accused repeatedly Ferrari's engineers of derelictio and tried to shift the blame to them. With an un-competitive car and severe critisism on the team, Prost was completely out of picture. Besides, his failure to win only magnified the fiasco which lead him to leave Ferrari.
At the late season Williams' car became better than the beginning of season, and Nigel Mansell, returning from retirement, fired up the race and excited the fans. It seemed that his uncrowned days will end with his relentless charge on Senna. So Senn's second strait title was no easy feat, and he struggled with both the car and engine in spite of the first four wins, and he hard claimed team staffs to make better weapon. That was why the onimous black coulds hung low over the relation between him and the team.
Brazil GP was the most amazing and greateful race in his life. He was so happy that he knocked up his fist to the heaven many times and had a victory champagne himself at the middle of podium. Unfortunately, he couldn't take the first chequered flag anyway at his country until then. Falling the unexpected accident on him as if God gave him trial, only an available gear of his car was the sixth due to the gearbox trouble around the middle stage of that race. Nobody beleived his miracle beyond human power that he still tried to arrive the finishing line and did it.

13/10AmericaMcLaren MP4/6Honda RA121E11
34/28San Marino11
56/ 2Canada3RElectrical trouble
77/ 7France33
87/14UK24Out of gas
97/28Germany27Out of gas
129/ 8Italy12
1611/ 3Australia11

World Championship Classification:WINNER with 96 points
Number of races lead:10
Number of laps lead: 466 laps(47.55%)
Number of kilometers lead: 2.060
Points per race, average: 6
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