Machine: McLaren MP4/7 / Tyre: GOOD YEAR / Car No.1

The three world champion Alain Prost who was the best rival of Senna was off this season. The three title holder Ayrton Senna was supposed to title four easily in this season, however, the new strong rival Mansell appeared in front of him with the most competitive high-tech machine Williams FW14B with which had been improved gradually since last season. This monster machine had a powerful and high-powered everlasting engine Renault V10 and the high-performanced active suspension. And Williams showed fully their power to us and kept off another drivers even Senna. Regarding McLaren, their advantage of machine had already lost even though Senna was the remarkable driver, and then they could not develop more sufficient their chassis, as they wanted, to make the most of Honda-powered engine.
The greatest day in his life had come to the uncrowned Nigel at last with his advantage of the monster machine. And Senna ate humble pie with 4th at final classification in this season. In another point of view, Senna had done well with uncompetitive car, so that his victory in Monaco GP stopped Mansell's straight six and he had no less than three wins.
At the Italy GP Honda officially announced their withdrawal from Forumla-One at the end of season. Honda had been into partnership with Ayrton Senna for six years beyond their business, so that he was depress deeply and had the distrust of the director of McLaren who didn't try to keep Honda back. We didn't know if or not Senna had decided to contract with him just before the next season.

13/10South AfricaMcLaren MP4/6BHonda RA122E23
23/24Mexico6RTransmission trouble
34/28BrazilMcLaren MP4/7A3RElectrical trouble
45/12Spain39Not finished
56/2San Marino33
77/7Canada1RElectrical trouble
97/28UK3RGearbox trouble
1510/20JapanHonda RA122E/B3REngine trouble

World Championship Classification:4th with 50 points
Number of races lead:5
Number of laps lead: 95 laps(9.17%)
Number of kilometers lead: 415
Points per race, average: 3.125
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