Part1 Prologue to Feud

March 25, 1984   Brazil GP   -   First Contact   -

In 1983, Senna challenged to Formula-3 UK, 13 wins out of 21 races, and got the title with his remarkable technique. So he was offered that summer from the F1 top ranked team such as Williams, McLaren and Lotus or so, and then he drove their machine as test driver, negotiating with them on his contract.
But it was not easy to join Formula-One, These team required a large amount of his sponsor's fee, or be as a second driver. Only one team was the new Toleman so that this new face could accept his condition of joining the highest competition in the motorsports. His debut was Brazil GP in his home country from the uncompetitive team in 1984.
The other Alain Prost left Renault team, and moved to McLaren in 1983. Senna started from 16th grid, and retired only 8 laps with turbo trouble. At the debut race, he had a hard time in home country.
In that time, Turbo engine was the height. Toleman used it of Hart too, but that engine was not enough speed and confidence to win the race. Senna was trouble with that engine through that season. On the other hand, Prost get the competitive TAG Porche engine, and in that season he made the battle with Niki Lauda - his teammate. The man won the Senna's debut race was none other than Prost.

June 3, 1984   Monaco GP   -   Hard Rain in Monaco   -

It was Monaco GP in '84(round 6) that "Senna in Formula 1" all over the world. The final in the hard rain, many driver was out of the cource one after another. Senna who started at 13th position showed his technique and pass the machine. At 19th lap, he ranked up 2nd place. But Prost who started from pole position kept the top, and 35 seconds between two drivers. But Senna cought up him 3 seconds a 1 lap.
In 32nd lap, suddenly Jackie Iques who was competion chairman swung red flag that indicate "stop the race". Senna passed Prost was already slow. At the moment, all people thought that Senna turned the tide, and win the race...
After all, the rank was decided at 31th lap(before final lap), Senna's first victory was disappear. This decision was complaint because of 46 laps remaining, the timing of red flag and so on, beside being Toleman. But Senna's running with fighting spirit and technique was praised.
After this race just finished, Senna said : "The others were dying me or Toleman to win in Monaco!"

April 12, 1986   Spain GP   -   One Step Beyond   -

Prost titled two consecutive seasons this year with four victories. Young Brazilian driver came up with the top ranked driver such as Prost, Pique, Mansell season by season so that Senna was in sight of their battlefield. Actually Senna showed us his remarkable skill at the qualifying session with 8 pole-positions. In spite of his pole position, he only had less competitive engine than the top team such as Porche or Honda, so he lost the race expected to win again and again. However, he won two races in this season with uncompetitive Renault engine.
A win of two victories was Spain GP. Starting from the pole-position on the grid, he continued to keep his position from some powerful drivers such as Pique, Mansell, Prost, and Rosberg. Mansell in Williams that they acquired the most powerful Honda engine was not able to accelerate his speed due to fuel saving at the beginning of race, however, around 30th lap he was amazing to catch up with Senna and he passed easily Prost and Pique. At last this England driver was successful in leading the race, passing Senna. But he unfortunately had to return the pit to replace his tyres at the 9 laps remaining. Again Ayrton lead the race with his advantage of 20 seconds. It seemed that Senna easily won the race at that, however, Mansell came back to the track at 3rd place with fresh tyres, trying to lead the race again. He was close to Senna 5.3 seconds behind, as a result he closed up by 3.8 seconds in the final lap. Mansell at last ran beside Senna at the last corner. Ayrton also accelerated to the floor, running through the finishing line. Their difference was slightly 0.0014 second between two drivers. This race was a valuable victory with holding his place.
After this race, Prost who didn't battle with Senna was said to speak to Mansell about his block at the end of this race, "It was better if I stepped aside for you when you tried to pass me. If so, you could pass Ayrton."

May 1, 1988   San Marino GP   -   Dawn of the Senna-Prost age   -

In 1988. The Engine of HONDA was on the McLaren, its machine was droven by Prost and Senna. The most competitive team was born. McLaren was very systematic. HONDA was successful in titling Drivers and Constructors Champion in Williams last year. Prost was the most of win in F1 history(at that time). Already 16 times get pole position was Senna. It's a perfect team.
Senna had a happening with the disqualify in opening round - Brazil GP, but next round in San Marino, he was beautiful win. In the qualify session, Senna and Prost was on front and row behind 2 second more. In the final, Senna overpowered that he laped the place of 3rd. The age of Senna and Prost just opened!

September 25, 1988   Portugal GP   -   Bad Feeling   -

Team of McLAREN faced to the 1988 season with the system of jointed number-one between French driver and Brazilian driver.
And there was no competitve driver and team like them in McLaren. However they seemed to be good team work and win the race, it was Portugal GP that clearly they changed their attitude as the rival of title each other.
Prost got the pole position in that GP after six race, but he was passed by Senna after the race just started. At the end of opening lap, Prost and Senna were side by side. Senna pushed him to the side of pit wall.
We talked later that Prost's sabotage caused Senna to do so, and it was fact that Alain on ahead pushed his teammate to the outside at the opening lap. After all Prost finished that race at 1st place. On the other hand, Senna was retired with trouble and finished at 6th place. That was the beginning of their bad feeling between two drivers.

October 30, 1988   Japan GP   -   First Crowned   -

It was not too much to say that Japan GP in 1988 was legendary. At Spain GP - before that race, Drivers Point of Prost was 90pt(valid 84pt), and Senna's point was 79pt. Senna had to win this race to get the title of driver's championships at first.
In the qualifying session, he got the pole position to only record a super lap in 1:41.853. But in the final session, he stalled the engine at the starting grid. For the home straight of Suzuka is a down gentle slow, the machine began to start slow somehow, but in a split second he was passed by other many machines.
The top was Prost who started at 2nd grid. But Senna tried to catch up him in this in a fix. At the end of opening lap, he was 8th place soon. And he sided with rain coming down, at the end of 11th lap - 3rd place. At last he reached Prost at 20th lap.
In 27th lap, Prost was trouble with back maker at the chicane. At once Senna passed by taking advantage of his unguarded moment, and he was top at last. Senna finished 1st, and Prost was 2nd. In this way, Senna get the title of his wish at first.
In 5 years season of him - 78 race from his debut, it was very dramatic title just like Senna.