Part2 All-out Battle

April 23, 1989   San Marino GP   -   Broken Tacit Agreement

In 1989 - the start of year of the natural aspiration engine, Senna and Prost made battle from the opening of the season. At the beginning of the season, among them, something was promised not to go down together - who will go first at the start have the right to go to the 1st corner.
However this agreement was broken in 2nd round, San Marino GP. After the race just started, Prost at the 2nd grid passed by Senna who get the pole position, and Prost was 1st position. But before 1st corner, Senna passed by him again, and went into the 1st corner. After all, the race was finished - Senna won and Prost lose. After the race, Prost blamed Senna officially. But Senna said, "I was first at the start, specially I would make away for him! I don't remember to make absurd promise!"
Team of McLAREN HONDA get the title of drivers and constructor in this season, too. But the contrary to this result, the team was continued to be trouble with the bad feeling of two drivers.

October 22, 1989   Japan GP   -  Nightmarish Chicane

The fearest situation came true in 1989 Japan GP. In that year too, only two driver, Senna and Prost, competed with the title, and result was decided in Suzuka.
In the end of the season, Senna continued to be retired with unlacky problem, and he had to win the race of Japan and Australia to get the title. On the other hand, Prost had advantage who continued to blame his team and engine. What a irony! And the day of showdown had come.
Prost who good started at 2nd grid, and he run the top in good condition. Senna tried to pass him, but could not do easily.
At the chicane in 47th lap - the fate lap, Senna went inside Prost in a rare chance. But Prost shut the door and the machines of both drivers stopped. Only Senna began to run again, but after the race he disqualified for his behavior. Moreover he was judged a dangerous driver by FIA...

September 30, 1990   Spain GP   -   It's a Prost

In 1990, Prost transfered from McLAREN that he was in long time to Ferrari. Prost separeted from Senna and competed with him to get the title three times. Ferrari that was on V12 engine which was heavy and no good accelation , but good stability was more competitive for Prost. On the other McLAREN that had a champion driver Senna and the ultimate engine HONDA V10 was a short of stability.
After 13 rounds, Senna was 6 wins, Prost 4 wins. If Senna won Spanish GP, he could be a champion without next Japanese GP. Senna's place was just opposite to Prost's one last year, and the championship was already the final stage.
Spanish GP - Jerez is a course of tequnical and middle speed.
It seemed in qualifying session that Ferrari had advantage because of the superior driverbility. But who get the pole position was Senna. Prost managed to get the 2nd place. And he faced the final session preparing for the settion of race.It was the exchange of tire of 26th lap that both two decided win and lose. Firstly, Prost behind Senna was pit-in. Senna was pit-in and returned to course speedy next lap. But when he returned, Prost went ahead in a time. Prost transfered his tanacity of the title to the management to win the race, and he finished. This race was just like Prost.

October 21, 1990   Japan GP   -   Nightmare Again

The crush of same Suzuka circuit and same drivers was diffrenet with one last year.
In the qualifying session, Senna get the pole position and Prost was 2nd place. The situation was for Prost very difficult because if he couldn't finish this race at 2nd place, Senna would be a champion without next race. Prost could start in front of Senna at the start. It seemed to be a exciting race because Senna was behind Prost who was disadvantage.
However, next moment, Senna forced his way in. And then both machines went out the cource of 1st corner.
Senna became two times the champion all at soon. It was very unpleasant feeling. He was supported by the feeling of Japanese fan that he is the pilot that always played fair in any difficult situation. Many Japanese of his fan were disappointed in his behavior if he didn't do that on purpose.
But it was only Prost that the egoistic instinct of Senna awaked that he got anything he like somehow. The factor like Prost of Senna was awaken by all kind of Prost's criticism to him. Or, Senna mabye had the instinct too that leaped at not an hornor, money or the title but game before his eyes. Anyway it was sure that he showed us the egoistic emotion after that race.

July 28, 1991   German GP   -   Released from Ferrari

Ferrari was even less competitive in 1991. Alain got three 2nd-place, however, he could not win only one race without battle between Senna and him. If we insist, it was a little battle of 2nd place in France GP.
A French driver was not like himself at all in Germany GP. Ferrari 642 launched in this season was clearly poor machine, however, their competitive power was improved by 643 launched in France, so Prost first time in this season topped Ayrton Senna in not only the qualifying session but also the race. Senna at the beginning of this season won the 4 consecutive races, however, Williams lead the season with well-developed machine since Canada GP that they monopolized the front-row at the qualifying session. Mansell and Patrase also did so with a lot of margin in Germany GP's qualyfing, then outran McLaren and Ferrari in a race. Senna and Prost made their battle behind Williams. Prost tried to overtake Senna, but McLaren number-one driver made efforts to keep his position. Ferrari veteran driver impatiently tried to pass Senna at the chicane corner from outside at 38th lap. Finally he failed to overtake and run through the chicane, besides he stopped his machine due to following car.
Despite more competitive machine than Senna's one, he had never passed Senna and resulted in retire, being unlike Professor. Prost said in a TV program after this race that Senna was a very dangerous driver, however, it was definitely clear that he failed completely to beat Senna in his race.
He retired 4 times last season, but his retire was no less than 7 in this season, and he always criticized uncompetitive and unreliable Ferrari machine. Ferrari suddenly announced that they released Prost from Ferrari on October 29 before the last race. Prost could not keep his seat of next season, and he would be off the 1992 whole season.