Part3 Settlement

October 20, 1992   Japan GP   -   Lonesome Senna

Ayrton Senna didn't have his most rival driver Alain Prost in 1992 season. The ex-champion driver left Ferrari in 1991 and took the whole season off for his refresh. It seemed that no one could match Senna, titling three champion driver last year, in this season, however, the lead was Williams during a year. Williams succeed in developing the most competitive and reliable active suspnesion system, so no drivers could follow them, and a England uncrowned driver won 5 consecutive races from the opening grand-prix South Africa to San Marino GP. Ayrton stopped Williams' 6 straight at Monaco GP, showing his way as the title of Monaco Meister. Even the genius Brazilian driver could not cover a large gap of machine performance between MP4/7 and FW14. Senna had a problem of his low performanced machine through the whole season, besides, Honda's announcement on September hit and kicked him that he lost the best partner beyond business until the end of 1992 season. He would like to round off Honda's career in its home country by presenting a victory, however, his race ended easily by engine trouble in only 3th lap. Japan GP was just representative of McLaren Honda's slump.
Senna wanted Williams' seat next season with the outstanding performance because he knew well that he was not confident with challenging to title four. To his surprise, the driver who had already reserved Williams' seat next year was Alain Prost, no less.

March 10, 1993   South Africa GP   -   New Battle Stage

That season was difficult for Senna because McLaren lost the Honda engine.
In 1993, opening GP of South Africa, Prost won that come-back first race without his one year blank. But Senna too finished 2nd place with McLaren that was on no competitive Ford V8 eingine, customer spec. Next GP, Senna won the race in Brazil. God's help probably contributed much toward him. And he controled the European GP which was drastic race by rain on and off.
But after European GP, Prost said "Their energy will not last long! Please show our race in the summer." Such Prost words came true. To defeat Williams superior than McLaren was too difficult for Senna, and then he couldn't only stand the commendation platform in that season after Monaco GP except for the winning the race of Japanese and Australia GP.
Both drivers didn't make a political bargain each other before, and run the race fair and square. It was sure that their battle went into the new round.

November 3, 1993   Australia GP   -   Settlement

Senna and Prost hated and competed with not only thier driving skill but also their life work and sense of value each other. It was symbol of the event of '90 Japanese GP. They competed in not only the circuit but polotical stage. But Senna was recognized as the top driver in the Formula 1 from that race, and Prost lost that status. But Prost would not give in easily, though he rest for one year in 1992, he came back and beat Senna, and got the title of championship 4th times.
But Senna was ironically excited by Prost. In 1993's Australian GP after Prost already got the title, Senna showed his will and then he put down Prost and finished 1st place. When he finished, Prost celebrated his victory(above picture), and he said, "I wil never criticize him." Senna polished up his skill and man of character with the battle of Prost.
In 1994, Prost contracted with Renault, and was engaged in the public relation of family car. He became a colleague of Senna that drove the machine of Williams Renalut. In the fact Prost was in San Marino GP, which was final race for Senna, as a member of Renault. Among Senna ran in the qualifying session, Prost called to Senna on the radio, "Hello, Senna! How have you been? Please win the race soon." Senna replied "A hello for my friend Alain, I miss you."