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Adrian wrote on 2002年2月15日 at 11:03 AM:
Nobody can compare with Ayrton! He's the best ever! I miss him very much! If you have time, please vote for him at
kevin wrote on 2002年2月5日 at 6:08 AM:
the greatest driver of all time.i am glad to have seen him race,what a driver.
Phillip wrote on 2002年1月25日 at 10:07 AM:
What can I say. From his first win to his last pole he amazed me as a driver. Only recently have I come to understand what a wonderful person he was outside of racing. He will always be the best.
Peter wrote on 2002年1月16日 at 8:20 AM:
The greatest driver of his generation,for me the greatest driver ever.There will be no one to replace him.But the spirit of Ayrton will live on.
Dani wrote on 2001年12月27日 at 10:10 PM:
I'm happy I've lived to know him and I'm happy to carry his memory alive in my soul for as long as I live.
greg wrote on 2001年12月27日 at 6:48 PM:
he is not died..he always will be in our mind as the number 1...
time de jong wrote on 2001年12月11日 at 3:48 AM:
we wil never forget the bestdriver in the world
SturmFrisur wrote on 2001年12月8日 at 9:27 PM:
Great site, congratulation.....visit my Homepage with ayrton history, pics and other
Joris Vanden Bergh wrote on 2001年12月7日 at 10:46 PM:
he lives in our hearts
Vivienne Psaila wrote on 2001年11月27日 at 7:29 AM:
Senna per sempre - the greatest and never ever forgotten
Jegen Tek wrote on 2001年11月16日 at 7:15 PM:
Ayrton ich denke faίt jeden Tag an Dich!!Danke dir fE die vielen tollen Rennen!!Vienna Sept.2001
john wrote on 2001年11月13日 at 1:53 AM:
still the best on track . NO one ever be better!!!
Rafael wrote on 2001年11月4日 at 7:40 AM:
Senna was the most fantastic racing driver. He was out of the normal parameters. He represented so well the most wonderful country of the world, Brazil. We'll never forget him! INFORGETTABLESenna foi o piloto mais fantαstico. Estava fora dos parametros normais. Representou tγo bem o mais maravilhoso paϊ do mundo, o Brasil. Nσs nunca esqueceremos dele. INESQUECΝVELSAUDADES!
Christiane wrote on 2001年11月2日 at 11:41 PM:
Ayrton is the best racing driver in the world. Nobody will ever beat him. Endless missed, but never forgotten !Amo te Ayron e obrigada por tudo !!!
theo staps wrote on 2001年11月1日 at 5:37 AM:
Good evening, good side. He was the best. Even Schumacher would have to admit that he couldn't ever whin from the champion
Helio wrote on 2001年10月14日 at 9:23 PM:
Simplesmente... Senna
Albert Komori wrote on 2001年10月4日 at 10:11 AM:
Very nice page of one of most popular "heroes" of a country named Brazil!!!!!!!
Giulio Buseghin wrote on 2001年9月8日 at 5:26 AM:
Gali wrote on 2001年8月31日 at 1:53 AM:
Aytron was is and will be the best for all time. i miss him sooooo much. Obrigada Ayrton Senna!
Lima Del Tango wrote on 2001年8月16日 at 12:22 PM:
He is NOW the greatest driver, isn't he?